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First off, its a horrible location to have a coffee shop, amidst traffic and everything and its too small a place to actually feel comfy. The seating is one thing that turned me off, i donno why they ve to be stingy with the couches, there is just one or two, the rest are restaurant style seating which is not so apt for a cafe of this nature where u go to have ur leisure time. For the record, even the couches are not that comfy, the tables are too high for u to relax and sip on ur coffee…

Coming to the food, its not bad. Not many options though, very small menu. The hazelnut iced latte was good and so was the Oreo and Cream Shake, they claim their specialty, its pretty heavy and filling, nothing exotic about it tho, cream overdose! The food part is not that impressive as the drinks. We had a quiche and some roll i guess which was ok, nothing to write home about or even remember.

Service is the worst part, the waitress looks bored and uninterested, noone ever smiles at you. You almost feel unwelcome. Overall, 2.5/5 is a good rating for this one since its very average for a dessert place that’s supposed to be exotic and take your taste buds for a trip.

Ambiance – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 2/5
Price – Around 200 bucks for an evening snack for a couple
Will i go back? – hmmm

Not a place i wud die to go bak to, wont consider it unless i run out of options completely.

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