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Leaf’s and Loaves or leaves and loaf’s? Am not sure how it was spelt there was an apostrophe here or there… Just when you wonder something is terribly wrong with the naming.. u read the tagline… ‘Eat like you mean it!’… yeah thats the tagline 🙂 i would surely love to meet the copywriter who worked on this someday.. i mean if there is one!

Leaving all prejudice and walking in to the restaurant… you see yourself climbing a flight of stairs first and reaching a smelly lil room with a view of the road… with doubt-mindedness to leave or not to leave immediately you make your order. The menu seems very extensive.. salads and wraps and sandwiches and what not. But most of them seemed to come out of a packet to me nothin made fresh! The Hawaiian salad though was huge and nice, twas lotsa mayo with pineapple and peppers. It can make a meal by itself if you aren’t a great eater. Otherwise, the club sandwich and the potato wrap was okay, not bad. Somehow the smell of stale and microwaved food was around. The place claims to specialize in Falooda, I didnt try it though. No cold coffee or iced tea available, big minus for a cafe according to me. Threre are fruit juices. The Orange cooler was so bad, I could have cried.

No cutlery or napkins were served until asked. When the food was asked to be packed, the waitress who was cleaning the next table picked up my food along with it! Eeeks! Bad bad service!

Overall, a below average place, i guess anybody can start a restaurant today with no interest in food or service or hygiene whatsoever. I dont think i ll walk in here again.

Ambiance – 2/5
Food – 2/5
Service – 2/5
Price – Around 500 bucks for a couple
Will I….. – NO NEVER!

Leaves and Loaf’s
135, 6th Avenue,
Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090 
Phone: 044-24414252

If you do something, pls do it wholeheartedly! What a waste of space in the awesome elliots beach lane, so many could put it to better use! 

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