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Got the dough? go ahead!

Little Italy, the leader in the league of vegetarian Italian restaurants cropping up in the city, is situated in the basement of a building u wud never wanna think of having lunch/dinner at. The ambiance is nice fine dining. The waiters are professional. Be warned! Its a freakin expensive place! But for the money we pay, they can atleast buy a generator, the entire basement went dark wen the power went out and all they wud do to help the customers digging into their plates happily, were to hold out ancient outdated emergency lamps..

The food is awesome, i tried the 4 cheese risotto – yummy and heavy, and the mexican starters viz the quesadilla was actually tasting better than the Mexican restaurant in the city, but yea it wasnt realy really authentic tho, but lip-smacking. The drink zig-zag (pronounced chig-chag by the waiter :P) had watermelon n lychee mix and was not good! All items are priced at 300 to 400 in main course, 250 to 300 in the starters and the drinks (non-alcoholic) cost around 100 bucks or more. But yes, you can walk out tummy-filled heavy and content!

It’s good to have great Italian food (and Mexican too) after long time, but the power-cut and the HUGE-bill makes me feel not so great about the place, mayb i ll try Osteria next time.

Ambiance – 3.5/5

Food 4.5/5

Service – 4/5

Price – Around 1000 bucks for a couple…

Will i go back? – Yea i will, wen i am really really hungry and have loads of cash!

Little Italy Ristorante
1/2 Eldorado Building,
Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Phone 42601234

But the eerie memory of a dark basement restaurant mite freak me out nuff to change my mind!

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0 thoughts on “Little Italy Ristorante – Nungambakkam

  1. I liked the food at little italy, but the service when I went was not good. I prefer Osteria to L.I.
    I haven’t been to the place in Velachery that you asked about.
    And about the lines in schools, I’ve not yet been to the one where people stand in line at midnight. Iam going to stroll in when I can and keep my fingers crossed. If I get a form, I do…if not, I’ll find some place where they don’t make me camp out for hours together. But it is true that there are people who do just that.

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