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Finally, some fine snacks!

After readin a lot on Mansukh and its yummy gujju food, i went in search of this place. Now that the new flyover is on in t nagar, its more suffocating and irritating to get here .. but yea i found the place somehow! It looks like a small sweet shop from the outside, then y all the hype?

Well i look at the menu, self service he says in a rude tone. I wanted to ask whats special there, whats khandvi (or watever), wats this and whats that since m not a gujju by any chance but wanted try their best. But somehow i didnt feel like, due to the tone of this guy. Had the Khandvi since i am used to dhoklas, it was actually awesome and will def have again! So i went ahead and bought some sweets, the strawberry agra peda and jelebi were good. The aloo tikki was different and yummy. The ribbon pakoda was the best of all, packed in a typical dept store pack i dint expect it to be so fresh and crisp and tasty. Now i again went ahead and ordered poori with aloo suk, take away, but thats where i made the mistake, the food took a long time to come due to the crowd and it wasnt good either. I’ve had better ones on the roadside stalls and ofcourse Rangoli!

But overall i guess very good sweet and savories stall they have. The snacks are very yummy and unique (i fell in love with gujju food after i ate at Rangoli!). But if you want to dine in or take away from the food counter, mayb u shud try something else, not the puri and def not the aloo :). Dont expect service. Ambiance is typical of a sweet shop with few chairs to eat, but there are more ppl here since they have a proper food stall too. Mayb cos there are not much gujju specialty places in chennai, its definitely worth a try!

Ambiance – 3/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 2.5/5

Price – around 150 bucks for a couple (but u shud take some snacks back home, add that expense too!)

Will i go back again? – Yea… to pick up the ribbon pakoda atleast!

Mansukh’s Sweets and Snacks
10, Ramaswamy Street,
Opp. Shree Temple of Gold,
T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017
Phone: 24341867, 243451258

You get Mansukh’s snacks packed and sold in Spencer’s and other food stores too!

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0 thoughts on “Mansukh’s Sweets and Snacks – T. Nagar

  1. have you reviewed cornucopia yet? if not, you should.

    try the filter coffee-roasted lamb dish or the crab cakes.

    if you aren’t a meat eater…sigh tis not the place for you.

    But do try the potato and cheese soup at Galloping Gooseberries.

    I’d step over my grandma to have that again.

  2. my experience was better.. but it was long back… 5 yrs ago. we could actually park somewhere near by !!!!

    but i think the service, tho not rude, was not friendly either.

    the question is Rangoli vs Mansukh… i think i will visit again… but when ?

  3. edita
    1. i thought my pic only reveals my face 🙂

    2. i ve tons of chennai restaurants yet to b reviewed in chennai i started htis blog too late i ve been in chennai for 23 yrs.. n jus a week in bangalore as of now :).. i ve some 100 reviews on burrp i can build up on after a couplea more visits to the same place..m still chennaite at heart and will b bak very soon too ( i ll b travelin there in weekends if possible and whenever my agency wants me there)
    PS: chennai is in the blood, whereever i am physically 🙂

    3.oh yea? will try it next time 🙂

  4. merc…
    first some help with ur question to MM:
    ur pics…its a complete give away to ur petite frame
    second: how on earth are u still reviewing madras joints when u r in bangalore?
    third: yea have heard abt mansukh…a lot!!shd go there…apparently the paranthas are good as well…

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