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Kids will love this place!

This is a saving grace in Ispahani Centre after the glory of CCD has faded out in here and Sweet Chariot has gone now for good and we are used to it by now. I guess their USP is the place has always and is still consistent in the cheerful atmosphere they provide and yummy food they serve, always bright and colorful anybody would agree. Its a fast food with self ordering, yet the service is pretty good enough and you even get your food to your table sometimes. Haven’t been to the top floor until now, it always seems like there is a party going on in there.

The burgers are really yumm with crispy patties. I love the smileys, they can delight you instantly when ur down, like candy to a kid. and yes the best part is u get iced tea here, any place that serves good iced tea is my favorite by default. They have a good menu with nice combos too. Of course, there is a kids menu. The smileys are a must-try here. They have quite a few vegetarian options, not the converted vegetarian food like you get in a KFC or McD’s, this is a truly Indian American fast food, well mimicked in fact without the pseudo-authentic feel to it.

They have a student burger than comes really cheap. Although the prices aren’t very expensive even otherwise. A place to go when ur longing for some sinful burgers and fries not worrying about calories, it definitely used to be a sub for the lack of Mcdonalds in Chennai and m sure serves better burgers than the Indian McD even now!

Ambiance – 5/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Price – Can do anywhere from 100 to 200 bucks easily
Will i go back again – yes definitely the first choice when i go to Ispahani Center!

It is also one of the best places in the city to throw your kid’s birthday party!

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