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Mumma’s kitchen is a new cloud kitchen in chennai thaat totally works over WhatsApp or Insta messaging. I haven’t seen them on Zomato or Swiggy yet. It is a family run business and is very warm to deal with.

This is a small venture started by a mom and her daughter during the initial lockdown. Mom does all the cooking and her daughter manages the orders and the page.

The lunch for two will cost around 500 bucks that includes 3 pulkas and 2 parathas ( homemade mommy-made chapatis!) with a couple a whole-box gravies although it’s a combo.

The Malai kofta is a Must Try!  Other must try, were the buns. These are like vada pavs but with choices of aloo, paneer, peri-peri and more.The veg kheema bun is the ultimate which had minced veggies coupled with Soya. Each variety of bun cost around 80 to 120 bucks in max.

The last but not least is the crispy garalic paneer which is yummy. Its tough to find places in chennai that serves something like this.

They also serve biryani with home made taste.

Mumma’s Kitchen Menu

It’s a nice place to try for lunch once if you are one of those boo-ed by the second covid wave.

You can also try starters and snacks with them.
Starters and Snacks

My overall rating for the food – 4.2/5

Suggestions: You can add few more starters and deserts to your bucket.

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