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Where is the ‘lounge’?

Another new restaurant thats been on my hit-list due to its promotions saying a ‘NEW PUNJABI LOUNGE’, now what could that be? they dont serve alcohol, so i was hoping the place has a classy ambiance with booths and couches to laze around. And was soo badly hoping to hog on some exotic, authentic, rich and mouth watering Punjabi food like never before, trust me awesome marketing guys, u almost got me!

First came the disappointment when i had a look at the ambiance. Typical restaurant seating, typical menu items and a typical buffet for lunch. Its nothing more than an average North Indian restaurant in the city. I would’ve definitely been less disappointed and more impressed with the place if not for the too much hype and false picture depicted. So when u build up expectations, its easier to go down on the scale if ur not planning to meet them.

The buffet is a total waste for 300 bucks if ur a vegetarian. They should start charging differently for the veg and non-veg sections so the customers don feel cheated. It had a tomato shorba (very average), starters – 2 or 3 types of kebabs (best part of the buffet), few gravies (loved the mughlai one, the dal and paneer butter masala were very average), safron rice and naan or roti served on the table. The aloo-gobi fry needs a special mention., yumm. Desserts were gulab jamun, kheer and a fruit-in-cream salad. Ice-cream was served after we were done with desserts, wud’ve been better if served along with the gulab jamun.

Waiters are a bit rude, i asked for coffee and he had to say ‘no coffee! that will be charged separately!” like i didn’t know? A bit expensive for sure (each menu item costs minimum of 160 bucks or so). The food is pretty good and definitely worth giving a try. The kebabs are a must-have here. Hope they maintain this.

Ambiance – 2.5/5 (a -.5 for disappointing)
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3/5
Price – Around 600 bucks for a couple.
Will i go back again? – Maybe when i run out of choices, only to try a la carte

New Tandoori Tadakka
No.5 North Usman Road ,
T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017

9790707600, 42123961, 42125162

Bur otherwise there is nothing ‘new’ or ‘lounge-y’ about the ‘New Tandoori Tadakka – Punjabi Lounge!”

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