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Where? It is behind cafe carnival in RA puram.

Find your way through the the small street near by. It is in the 2nd floor of the first building on the left . It is a weird place to get into, you almost want to come back when you are climbing the stairs, but trust me and go ahead its worth it!

When? Go for the sunday lunch buffet around 1 o’clock to get the best dishes they serve in the restaurant.

The ambiance is awesome and very family friendly. The food tastes great, even on any other day of the week but buffet is available only on sunday.

What? One of the very few restaurants in Chennai that does justice to the word ‘muticuisine’ in my opinion. Whatever you choose is sure to be nice.

My recommendation is the ‘quesadillas’ (which is available in the lunch buffet) i did not really expect it to be so yumm in a place where Indian food is the main attraction. It is much better than the ones they serve in the so-called authentic Mexican restaurants in the city.

How much? The buffet is actually unbelievably inexpensive. (somewhere around 100 bucks!)

You will want to go back over and over again when you receive your check. The sweet and icecream that comes to your table in the end delights you like you were a 5-year old! Probably the ‘a la carte’ is a bit expensive but the mouth watering taste overshadows the damages to your wallet.

Who? The applause for the 5 stars i have given goes to the waiters/managers.

The service is too good, even when you take the buffet, you dont feel neglected cos anything you want comes to your table prepared ‘hot hot’!

Overall a pleasant dining experience for vegetarians with great food to go with family on a weekend.

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 5/5

Service – 5/5

Price – Around 400/500 for a couple (Sunday-buffet costs just around 100 bucks/plate!)

Will i go again? – Yes and i will take you too!

Olive Garden Vegetarian Eat Out (Formerly Carnival),
68 CP Ramaswami Road,
Abhiramapuram, (off RA Puram)
Chennai – 600028
Phone 24996839, 24980349

You get to see some local celebs here sometimes 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Olive Garden Vegetarian Eat Out – R. A. Puram

  1. This weekend i wanted to eat here, i started at 1.30 from my house and reached the CP Ramasasmy road at 2PM but damn i was not able to find the hotel for half an hour, i asked so many people and they are giving diiferent clues, so finally after half a n hour , i my self used my mind and found out the restaurant.TO my surprice there was a notice that “Resataurant is closed for renovation”…..

    the time is about 2.30 PM , i was hungry and went to pizza corner in the same road.So guys please call them before you goin to this place.


  2. hmmm,

    i always love to try new places to eat….i have covered as many places in bangalore that i dont remember few names …

    now i have shifted to chennai, should start my food journey…

  3. just got on to your blog and going thro’ the posts..

    seems like Olive Garden is a must-do.. I definitely want to visit this.

    keep the reviews coming. very informative.

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