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A little more promotion will do the job!

The hotel ranjith has been there right in the centre of the city for years now but somehow it has never been the centre of attraction for the public. It maybe cos of the unattractive looks from the outside and the uninviting sidey look of the Opal Inn restaurant although its well accessible from outside the hotel through a small lane that goes from Nungambakkam high road. But for the real foodies at heart, this place is one of the best in the city…

As I entered, the restaurant did look a little dark and anyone but a patron wud hesitate a moment before they step in. The ambiance is fine-dining, very dim-lit, more for the silent diners. The menu is vast with stuff from regular cauliflower manchurian to veg au gratin. There is a lot for meat-eaters though vegetarians do have options too. The starters sound yummy. Though I was so tempted to order the egg fried rice and some tandoori gravy, the sizzlers caught my attention. There is also a section that says ‘meal in itself’ where there is shashlik and some continental stuff.

The veg classical steak sizzler was awesome, though it seemed like just aloo pattie in the inside. You mite wanna call it a cutlet except for the sauce on top of it n the sizzling hot tray in comes in with veggies and (soggy) fries. Its huge, yummy and very filling. My friend who had the fish sizzler also thought its awesome and filling. The dessert section is not very wide but the caramel custard managed to attract a person like me who doesnt have a sweet tooth. It was worth it. But the speed in which the food was delivered made me wonder if there is just a microwave in the kitchen, so much for fast service!

Last, the place is a bit expensive, say 200 to 300 for each dish, a meal for two mite reach upto 1000 bucks. But I guess its worth it considering the food and service.

Ambiance – 3/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Price – around 800 bucks for a couple

Will i go back? – Definitely need to try everything in the menu, which cant be done in one visit.

Opal Inn
Hotel ranjit,
15 nungambkkam high road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Phone – 28270521

The ambiance might need a makeover if they wanna grab customers, unless they intentionally want it this way.

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0 thoughts on “Opal Inn, Hotel Ranjith – Nungambakkam

  1. ok here goes!

    i think if they did promote more the quality will go down as the numbers who go der would be really really more! so this is perfect!

    also on the interiors i lik it….pretty dim but not too dim ya kno 😉 :DDDD

    and now to the food!!! tho i hav never had veggie food there so here goes my meat list!

    The starter one should try out the thai chicken that they giv there….awesome with vodka :DDD also the jumbo praws r super coool!!!!

    to the main course i always go for the sizzlers…the fish is good, so i the chicken,beef and the lamb!!! i lov the veggies that it comes with!!! nice nd crunchy…to go with the meat :DDD

    also there is this dish chicken sicilia which is baked chicken in a lotttttt of cream and cheese!!! itz not in the menu but plz plz plz do try it!!! awesomeeeeee!!!!also for maincourse there is deviled prawns, jumbo ones in red sauce with speggitt!! yumOOOo yum :DD

    never had the desserts there so dunno much abt it!

    PS : sorry abt veggie food….cause i havent eaten it der 😛
    but heard the egg parota is good there too!

  2. Everytime i goto Opal Inn, i used to think why cant they change to brighter interiors and also do more Promotions. I just love the food in here 🙂

    Another things i like this place is because..they serve you liquor with the food 🙂

  3. Been here with my kids about 12 years ago when they visited India for the 1st time and they liked the noodles served there and my kids aged 4 and 6 had finished a plate …as they didn’t like the rice n curry they had in Tirunelveli and they got what they liked in Madras…at Opal Inn…I’d say the food is good…4/5…Ambience…3/5 and service …3/5

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