Yellooooo! Yea its the yellow pumpkin sambar, my dear hubby’s favourite, from the south indian patram (something like the tandoor oven :P)! Something i ve learnt to specialise in for him! So here it is Parangika Sambar, from Brat’s kitchen (but made by me :D)!

Parangika Sambar Recipe


Pumpkin – 1/4 kg, cut into huge squares

Tamarind – one lemon sized ball

Sambar powder – 1 tbspn

Jaggery – 2 tbsp

Oil, mustard, curry leaves for seasoning

Salt and asofetida to taste


Put oil in a kadai, add mustards and curry leaves.

Add the pumpkin pieces, and saute till they become lighter in the ends and softer on the top.

Add water and boil for few minutes.

Make a paste out of the tamarind ball, u can boil it in little water and strain it to make it easy.

Add the tamarind water to the pumkins, bring to a boil.

Add sambar powder and salt, bring to a boil again.

Add jaggery, mix well till it dissolves in the sambar, bring to a boil.

Add asofetida, bring to boil once again and turn off the flame.

This is a normal sambar but for the jaggery added which is the secret ingredient in bringing out the pumpkin’s flavor!

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  1. the blogger formerly known as sansmerci

    Sambar powder .. in this one is brght from the store.. i prefer MTR and shakthi masala to anything else…

    the other way to make sambar is by makin the powder instantly… thats one of my bests and i ll post it soon m sure 🙂