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Seriously is this the same Quiznos from the US? I tried the nungambakkam outlet the one in ispahani few months back with so much enthu hoping to have those yummy subs we used to get in the US! Total disappointment plus lack of items in the menu as well as proper service. So I thought its just that they are new but the subs definitely lacked the quality and the taste!

So Quiznos opens in forum food court I was apprehensive to try it out, but after some 10 visits and trying out everything else in there, and somehow in a mood for sandwich and salad kinda lunch, ordered the Aloo and Peas Sub with extra egg on Italian White Bread and Alfredo Sauce. I lost my appetite for the rest of the day! Somehow I couldnt eat it or nethng else after it either. The Hawaiian Salad was unappetizing to even look at so I had to leave rite after the first bite which I took only because I paid and bought it.

But I have to mention loved the Mango Sunrise drink its OMG yummy and the whole 2 stars go for it. And the service which was good. I didnt have some 10 or 20 bucks in my mall card (the irritating stuff we need to recharge nowadays!) before I could recharge it and come they said its alright I dont need to pay the difference. Well, I kinda guessed it right then maybe they are over compensating for the quality of food.

Quiznos Sub
Food Court at 3rd Floor
183, Arcot Road, 
Vadapalani, Chennai – 6000026

Never again!

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