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Who the hell decided to start one here?

I cant believe someone decided to start a restaurant in here, a space as big as the opening below a staircase! but whoever it is has started it pretty long back, enough to call it a legend int his area. Dark and dusty and worst is the power went off more than once wen i was there! Some 3 or 4 tables put together next next to each other in such a way that u almost feel like ur the same table as the other guests!

The food is good tho, no complains. The egg fried rice was yumm and the crispy veg starters were a bit more of indian pakoda than chinese.. yummy nevertheless.. and they even offered some kinda manchurian gravy wen asked for, i cos i din wanna order an entire side dish for myself. Good service, the waiter/managers takes care of it himself. The price is almost the same as any chinese restaurant, but i think for sucha place they can atleast serve it cheaper! I think its typical Chennai-style Indo-Chinese served at its best. They should definitely do something bout the ambiance at least after so many years!

Ambiance – 0/5
Service – 4/5 
Food – 4/5 
Price – Around 400 to 500 for a couple 
Continental Chamber
142, Nungambakkam High Road
Chennai – 600034
Phone: 42144933

But never again am i steppin into this scary junk yard…
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