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I ve been wanting to go to Rasam in Puraswalkam since a long time now but really cudnt get to tht part of the city for some reason.. i was more than delighted to know that Rasam has opened up in Mylapore, and was dying to go there asap, but the bad reviews here on burrp! made me think twice. But this time around, i decided that i do need to try the kongunadu delicacies for sure and i don have a choice but to go to the mylapore outlet.

Usually wen my expectations are very low, even a little good will surprise me and i was hopin to be surprised this time. The ambiance was not as dingy as the Nilgiris Nest that used to be here. I am not at all superstious but coincidences such as this makes me think this place is so unlucky, the food at the Nilgiris Nest was horrible and it has done enough damage to a restaurant like Rasam that has always received a good review on its other outlet.

The menu is extensive and very flowery i shud say, tempts u into tryin out everything possible, dishes like banana dosa and corn vada and elaneer payasam sure does get foodies like us ultra-hungry for something unique. That’s exctly when u start expecting too much and get disappointed to order a special thali and get nothing but a normal meals at sub-standard quality at a price u wud pay at saravana bhavan!

We ordered a thali for two of us, and they let us share it with a warning that rice will b limited! The variety described on the menu was imposisble for one person to eat, but wen the thali arrived, the soup was a con-fusion between rasam and tomato soup (but with onions?), the dosa was in the size of an idli and was inedible too. The banana dosa was ok types. The rest were usuual sambar, rasam, vegs, etc. The payasam was good, nothing exotic as claimed. The only thing good on the thali was the buttermilk, it was yummy.

The Cauliflower Kothu Idiappam and the Arisi Parupu Sadam did sound intruging to me, but i din bother to try them cos m sure thts also another fancy name for some tasteless run-of-the-mill item. Mayb i ll try these wen i and if i ever get to go to the Puraswalkam branch. But a Rasam bowl costing 85 bucks is a bit too exp for a restaurant that cant even maintain a standard consistency between 2 of its outlets.

Ambiance – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 3/5
Price – Atleast 400 bucks for a couple
Will i go again? – I don think so!

Sabari Nest,
# 105, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600004
Phone 9789062857, 9789062859

Will definitely try out the Puraswlakam outlet soon and get back here!

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  1. I've tried the Purasawalkam branch and wasn't very impressed with the food. It's overpriced and the food really isn't all that great…..not bad, but nothing to make you want to eat there again.

  2. I agree with you.
    First of all they placed us in a table with the stained table cloth. When we ordered a thali, they bring spoons of vegetables with vessels of rice. And if you ask another bowl, they charge you with a killing, that would be the rent and the electricity bill of the hotel. They don't have pickles. They have deaf waiters. They dont bring fingerbowls for the Thali for 125 bucks! They bring it only for the thali with 175 bucks. What a way of discrimination!!
    My verdict: dont go there, with your hard earned money.

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