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Where Beer is Cheaper than Water!

Rhapsody inside Courtyard Marriott, always wanted to check this place out since its considered the best Italian lounge in the city and more than anything i wanted to try the food! First impression was a real let down, the place really didnt seem as happening as i imagined it to be. Most of all, the decor and ambiance was very very ordinary to our disappointment. Unfortunately when we went there it was almost 11 30 and only the bar menu was available and most of it was unavailable too.

At first sight, the place seemed really inexpensive for a lounge inside a star hotel. We were all overexcited! Even the cocktails seemed to be cheaper than ‘The Park’. Thankfully one of us saw the 60 percent tax thingie written in small print in the end of the menu, which made a lot of sense then!!! What a way to market, shud appreciate, wud ve been heartachin if we had noticed this at the end of the nite.

The shooters were named very funnily, enough to make us feel embarrassed to spell it out to the waiter. But i shud agree ‘lick’ which is white chocolate based was yumm! Otherwise the rest were typical, no complains. Tequila was available only in a bottle, no shots! The worst part is the waiter had a problem communicating this to us, wonder how they handle firangis!

The service is very biased, the non-indian group near us received more and faster attention than we did, we had to actually get up and bring the waiter to our table everytime, quite pathetic for a star hotel. Bar snacks was brought only after request. Also, around 11 45 they switched on the lites indirectly askin us to get out.. cant blame them for it tho..they had to show subtle signs..sad that even star hotels need to close their pubs at 12!

Ambiance – 3/5
Food/drinks – 4/5
Service – 2/5
Price – as much as u can drink + 60 percent tax for imported liquor (an average of 300 bucks per drink excluding tax) beer costs around 150 bucks only.
Will i go back again? – not with as much enthusiasm as the first time!

Courtyard Marriott,
564, Anna Salai,
Teynampet, Chennai
Phone 66764000, 66764499

Beer seemed the best option since Kingfisher was priced much lower than Evian mineral water to our delight!

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