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Expensive Party!

Roasts & Grills? Never heard of it ever before, even the Green Park website doesnt show it as a restaurant they have to offer..and then i heard its a poolside barbeque place.. wow..must try. twas an office dinner and there were like 15 to 20 of us, the place is quite huge to accommadate large groups, unlike Aqua in The Park. But the so-called pool here is pretty sad i shud say..it looked.. well Sad! thats the exact word that came to my mind when i saw it.

The service is prompt and good. The waiters are helpful. There is a small bar area which has only selected indian liquors and they don serve cocktails. But they do bring u imported stuff from the pub below on special request. The place wud ve been better off being a pub or a open-air dance club..the music was good..but the buffet that was placed in one sad corner (barbeque is supposed to be rite in front of u like an entertainment in itself).. sucked big time. Twas totally not worth the 450 bucks spent on. The starters served on the table were supposed to be barbequed, but were nothin close it.. we had to nibble on burnt corn and unboiled unpeeled un-barbequed baby potatoes. The buffet was typical and nothin specially worth mentioning or remembering except the Thai fried rice and egg curry. Not a big spread anyway and so were the desserts. For the same price, Mainstreet in Residency Towers offers a huge selection of food as well as desserts. No value for money here.

Overall, paying a cheque close to 22k and walkin out unsatisfied after sitting in the hottest October ever in Chennai’s history with absolutely no breeze on a supposedly poolside restaurant at 11 30 in the nite…isnt really something we can afford or rather choose to do again. Only pluses that gave an average to this place – not many restaurants in the city that offers u a party feel, huge, great service and yes more than that they serve pretty stiff drinks i shud say!

Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 2/5
Service – 4/5
Price – 1000 bucks per couple without drinks
Will i go back? – unless i really run outa places to have fun!

Roasts & Grills
Hotel Green Park, N.S.K. Salai, Arcot Road,
, Chennai – 600026

Go there if u wanna have a good time with friends leisurely, but if ur lookin for good food..definitely a big NO!

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  1. Ah the poolside. I did try this place, actually should say my buddies hosted a get together, and felt the same. Not a place to go for food, but for the ambiance. The place was quiet until karaoke singer appeared on stage; who almost everyone ignored. She can sing but wrong place to put singers on stage!

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