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Chettinad Treat

If you are a veggie and u miss chettinad food, which generally consists of a lota meat, forget karaikudi! there is sangeetha adyar with veg chettinad tiffun items, made classically and served unconventionally. The place is always crowded so be ready to wait for sometime, nothing good comes for free, does it? and one more thing is chettinad items are available only after 4 30 as those are snack items. So as such the place is good for dinner than lunch, since they also have some specials for each day.

The most mouth-watering dishes here are paniyaram (salt) and the cauliflower masal dosa (the best i’ve ever had). There is also palpaniyaram on somedays and chettinad idli is great too. The unavailability of certain items everyday creates the whole craving i guess. I dono why, maybe they are holding supply to increase demand. But i think the demand is great already and i hope they serve everything everyday.

The ambiance is much more sophisticated than any other sangeetha in chennai. Other than the chettinad items, the usual pulao, chenna batura, ghee dosa, quick lunch, poori, you name it and its yummmmmmmy. There is an unbelievable list of desserts from icecreams to sundaes to juices to what not!

The service is quick and efficient. The price, is just right for the quality, i mean you can taste the quality literally!

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 5/5

Service – 4/5

Price – around 250 to 300 for a couple if u wanna go for desserts

Will i ever go bak? – i go there all the time for their paniyaram!

Sangeetha Desi Destination
1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai- 600020
24426554, 24426792

I usually make a note of the special item for each day from the menu card and drop in the day i want to!

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0 thoughts on “Sangeetha Desi – Adyar

  1. I have been to this place long back , but my experience was a bit different from you….

    I was frustrated by the crowd over there.. i waited for about an hour.
    I found the food costly over here…

    And definitely Food not worth 5/5 based on my experience… any ways will try once more ….

  2. I have been there, but the crowd is too much, its sort of cramped and I dint like idlies, plus this idea of serving all the things at a restricted time and day totally puts me off, I mean u r goinmg to a restaurant to eat what you want, not what they want you to eat.and there north Indian fare I tried at zChennai citi centre..its totally tasteless.

  3. actually renu

    the hotel is in my area only, have you ate in A/C hall or Non – A/C hall

    because i usually eat in Non-A/C one day i went to A/C hall and shocked down for 18rs i get 3idly and the same idly is Rs10 each upstairs 🙁

    its costly madam, food 5/5 is hmmm tough because we have saravan bhavan which offers better quality and taste

  4. manoj…I just cant stand heat,plus while dining i demand first two things..can eat standing:)
    and Airconditioning:)

    and certainly all my family prefers Sarvana any day:)

    Swarna.. we went to Rain tree for dinner they start at 7.30 and the same happened at Rangoli..I really wonder at these restrictions:)

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