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Can close my eyes and say, its HSB!

I guess this is the first of the saravana bhavans in the city or atleast one of the first ones that started cos the class is apparent in it! The downstairs as in any south indian restaurant is non ac and u can have juices and fast food items here. I’ve tried the cakes and the juices, perfect quality as expected. They even have sweets and a bakery here. The a/c dining in the first floor is very nice with a class of service and ambiance.

The food is yummy, no doubts its HSB! My favorites are paneer biryani (must try), poori, the 5-idlis (so soft, cant find it newhere else except hsb), chilli parata, ofcourse the fresh juices and rose milk. The icecreams and esp the kulfi is great here! To experience class in south indian food, vast menu and food so tasty u ll wanna try it all, anytime hsb in the best and this is one of the best ambiances u can find in all the hsb’s in the city!

i dono y ratna cafe and murugan idli shop are even compared! They are so dirty and horrible in service, the taste of food depends on ur luck, no consistency that is! Mayb namma veedu vasanth bhavan or sangeetha can come close in quality, but havent seen any place beat HSB yet…

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 5/5

Service 4/5

Price – you can snack at 100 to 150 per couple or hog urself away to close to 500 bucks…

Will i ever go back? – Yea to all the branches, always!

Saravana Bhavan
B-55, Ashok Pillar Road,
K.K. Nagar, Chennai – 600078
Phone 24745577

HSB sweeps the number one spot in south-indian food anytime without doubts….

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  1. Hi, I am visiting you for the first time (thanks, Renu!). Now I can check your blog for good hotels in Chennai! Bangalore is the best for hotels. Here, it is very difficult to find a good one. Yes, HSB is THE best, though a bit expensive. Very rarely the taste changes. Sangeetha comes next. I haven’t heard of ‘namma veedu’. Will check for it in your blog! Nice write-ups!

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