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Dont be alarmed by the name 😀 this is a fairly easy to make yummy recipe with simple ingredients. Schezwan cos of the use of red chillies and garlic for the spices and it sizzles by itself if u do it the rite way, perfect to have it with jasmine rice or buttered rice!

Schezwan Mixed Peppers Sizzler Recipe

Mixed Bell Peppers (Capsicum) – 1/2 of each (Red, Green, Yellow and Orange)
Olive Oil – 2 to 3 tbsp
Vinegar – 1/2 tsp
Red Chilli Flakes – 2 tsp
Onion – 1 medium sized
Garlic – 3 cloves crushed (I used ginger garlic paste)
Soy Sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Saute the garlic in a pan with the oiive oil.
Add the vinegar and red chilli flakes, let it sizzle.
Add the onions and saute until golden brown.
Add the chopped mixed peppers, add a little more oil and keep stirring and let it smoke well.
Add the sauces if you need a gravy.
Mix in salt and pepper as per taste, keep tossing as the peppers sizzle in the oil.

Serve with jasmine or buttered rice sizzling hot!

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6 thoughts on “Schezwan Mixed Sizzler Recipe

  1. Schezwan Mixed Peppers Sizzler was tasty and easy to cook yar..had it for lunch..but not with rive though..had with fresh garlic bread..yummy..thanks..!

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