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It’s been long since i posted anything from my mom’s kitchen! Now that i been so sick and miss her like crazy, i decided to post one of her best dishes the Seppankizhangu (Colocosia) Sizzler! Weird name, aint it? My amma loves to try and experiment with her recipes and is never happy with following the age-old tried and tested ones always. This sizzler she does at home is a superhit, rite from the way she brings it to the table sizzling hot in the kadai and its a must wenever there are guests coming home…the smell of which can tempt anyone to hog!… so here is an innovative fusion veggie…Seppankizhangu Sizzler Recipe from my mom’s kitchen….

Seppankizhangu Sizzler Recipe


Seppankizhangu – 7 to 8 small ones or medium ones – cut into halves
Capsicum (Green Pepper) – 1 large sized – cut into thin slices
Rice floour – 2 tsp
Gram flour – 2 tsp
Red chilli powder – 1 tsp
Oil to fry
Salt to taste

Pressure cook or boil the seppankizhangu pieces well and peel the skin off.
In a bowl, mix the flours, chilli powder, asafoetida and salt well.
Toss-in the seppankizhangu in half of the mixture, mix well until they are completely covered.
Marinate for a few minutes and fry or deep fry in hot oil.
Now toss-in the capsicum in the rest of the mixture and marinate for few minutes.
Fry the marinated capsicum in oil separately.
Off the flame, top the seppankizhangu fry with the fried capsicum and toss well.
Serve sizzling hot!

You may add boiled potatoes to the sizzler by repeating the same method adding it to the seppankizhangu too!

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