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It’s like Christmas, errr i mean Diwali!

A building full of goodies…a floor full of sweets and another full of chaat and other snacks, yay! i felt like a kid inside a candy store.. oh well sweet store… even for a person like me who’s not much into the sweet part of it, its a bit overwhelming and overjoying to see so much sweet at one floor..its like its diwali all thro the year here!

I ve felt this celebration urge at Bikarnervala in Delhi, altho this place aint that happening yet, it sure is a good try and such places shud catch up in Chennai a lot more..so you walk into the mouth-watering building and there is so much crowd that you almost know that u cant have it as soon as u see it, just keep droolin until ur turn arrives, its self-service and thats bugging, but i guess theres no other choice in such places.

So the food court type of arrangement is a given, tho a ‘good’ service would ve added up to the show and made one give it all 5 stars. The sweets are authentic North Indian, all Kaju and Ghee high and expensive too, but totally worth it. They have gift packs which sure will tempt you to gift yourself with one of ’em!

Coming to the food, its usually a let down when there is so much hype, but this was good enough, they ve lotsa chaat and snacks, they even have pizzas, but of course, we tried the bhel/pani puri, chole batura, badam milk, etc. It wasnt anything out of the world to remember anything distinct other than the experience itself, but definitely worth it.

Ambiance – 5/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 3/5
Price – anywhere from 200 to 500 (a box of assorted sweets cost around that) depending on ur sweet tooth!
Will i go there again – sure why not??

Shree Mithai
New # 189, Old No 99, AI Block,
Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar,
Chennai – 600040
Opposite Creamy Inn
26289999, 43539999

i think its much better than the overrated Gangothri and they shud soon open such a place in the heart of the city!

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  1. Jumped bumped into this place one day ( when it was brand new, couple of months ago) and I liked the combos I had, chinese and other chats. The choola puri was not that great though 🙁 The pricing was quite resonable. It was self service and dint like it, When I had to wait till my number arrived. tasted this blackcurrent ice cream and it was out of this world, Loved it ! Yummy

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