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Lacking Professionalism

After waiting so long to taste the Smokin Joe’s pizza, finally got a chance to catch it at a food court stall in the Abirami Mega Mall. One of the cheapest mall i ve been to, in terms of ambiance, but yea cant blame it on Mr. Joes in this case, but they can definitely hit places like citi centre or ispahani if they wanna maintain a class.

But i could say the mall and the outlet deserve each other cos the class of the food and service was good enough for a place like this. The service was very unprofessional and the pizza was too. The make-your-own-pizza thingie sounded interesting and we ordered a medium pizza with onions peppers pineapples babycorn and tomatoes. The pizza took a long time to come and that elevated my appetite as well as expectation a lot. But a total disaster called pizza came to our table, which tasted like the ones you get in local bakeries, the dough was so unfresh, the toppings were huge and irregular, twas bland and no chilli flakes were provided.

Dont even compare the place to pizza hut or pizza corner or even domino’s for that matter.. (

Ambiance – 2.5/5

Food – 2/5

Service – 2.5/5

Price – 200 to 250 per couple for something thats worth less than 50 bucks

Will i ever go back? – Hell no! i am very happy its pretty far off from home…

Smokin’ Joes
Abirami Mega Mall,
Purasavakkam High Road,
Purasawalkam, Chennai – 600084
Phone : 26651577

Joe’s will win hands down compared to McRennet Pizzas, if you ready to pay 200 instead of 20 bucks tho!

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shud try chef express sometime.. where is it exctly?

12 years ago

I have visited Smoking Joe’s in both Abirami and T Nagar and I found that their pizzas were way below expectations. As I know today, the best pizzas get made at Pizza Hut. And yeah, Chef Express ain’t bad either.

yea corner doesnt have good service i shud say .. thts y they fail to impress as much as hut

12 years ago

hut wins hands down for me!!

corner is also good…esp the one near the airport

oh yea? mayb i ll try the one in t nagar 🙂 yes i used to like pizza hut too … but they ve gone down these days .. used to hate pizza corner but they seem better now

12 years ago

I had been to the smokin’ joes near T.Nagar, their Desi flavored pizzas was very different and tasty, and then ordered once from another outlet which was pretty decent too.

But Pizza Hut wins hands down anyday 🙂