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Ok its spinach week bak to bak! what else to do when u have a whole bag to eat by urself! But this one is very different and i actually loved the melting taste in the month. Found this recipe on the tortilla bag and tried it instantly as i had cheese at home too (gauda cheese my bro bought from belgium) so here we go very simple healthy and quick recipe…spinach and cheese wrap….

Spinach and Cheese Wrap Recipe

Spinach – a handful, washed and cut
Cheese -grated (as much as u wud love to add)
Tortilla – cut into halves
Onion – one small sized
Olive oil to saute
Salt and pepper to taste

In a pan, saute the onions in oil and add the spinach and fry.
Boil it in little water, add salt and pepper, drain.
Take one half of a tortilla and fill it with spinach mixture and generously sprinkle the cheese.
Fold as a triangle and seal the ends with some cheese.
Pre heat oven for 10 minutes at about 220 degrees.
Place the wrap on the grill directly, and bake until the cheese is melted.

You can use Mozzarella cheese too for a diet-consious version, if you cant find tortilla wraps, you can always make a nice wheat roti and use it!

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