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Spoonbill is one of those innovative restaurants / cafes that crop up in the city thats either a hit or miss among foodies. Lets see there is Soup and Salad Cafe that made it through! Well the legendary Cream Centre with a multi-cuisine international theme, there was New Yorkers with similair theme, but not so much. Bombay Blue well, the biggest flop in Chennai city at least. Spoonbill is the latest talk in town for sure, street food from around the world? WOW! I made sure to take time out to try the place and I must say it wasn’t really worth the effort.

The decor is bright and inviting right from outside, although access as well as parking might be a problem on TTK road, very nice view of the traffic from the seats. The menu is divided into the country the street food is from, not much of a choice for vegetarians I should warn.  It is a self service cafe, which is a little boring, but I guess its for going with the street food theme. We had Mexican Burritos and Delhi Bread Aloo Pakoda, both of which didnt impress. The French Crepe for dessert was again worth a miss. Nothing to write home about. You have fresh juice and iced tea in the fridge which you can pick up. The place is pretty expensive for the quantity of food served, with self service, each drink costs 100 bucks, even CCD right below the cafe would be a better option to have your drinks, better served, better quality and quantity at a much cheaper price. There are combos available which are pointless as they dont make your life easier in anyway, you infact pay more than the total value, I dont get the idea.

Most of all, the packaging is very uncomfortable to say the least. I found it very annoying to eat the burrito as well as the crepe outa a paper wrap in a tiny plate. I think the major turn off was when the manager lady comes to u n explains what things on the menu mean, I don think people who walk in here, priding themselves to be knowledgeable foodies like to be treated like that, I mean know your audience, you can always help people who need to know.

Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 3/5
Food – 2.5/5
Price – Minimum 700 to 800 bucks for a couple but if ur thirsty, you might ve to topup ur drinks for more!
Will i go back – well i don think so!

New No 239, Old No 107, TTK Road, 
Alwarpet, Chennai 600018 
Phone –  42064442
Opposite Samsung Showroom 

The menu is not as extensive as advertised, really people have to set the expectations right to avoid disappointing! 

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