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Now that I have completely embraced health food as a way of life, there are a lot of new ingredients that rule my new world, some of it are melons, cucumbers, cabbage, sprouts, ragi and oats! So things like green gram sprouts which used to be alien to me are now part of everyday talk. I have almost started eating everything ragi, from idli to roti to vermicilli to even murukku, ragi it is! Go Ragi! But thats for another post. This one is a sprouts bhel recipe that I came up with to have fun while eating boring sprouts while also losing weight! Do try it and you will love it for sure!

Sprouts Bhel Recipe


Mixed Sprouts – green gram, channa, black channa, rajma, etc, – 100 gm
Puffed rice – a handful Red chilli or red chilli powder
Cucumber – 1 small – diced
Tomato – 1 medium – diced
Onion – 1 medium – diced
Turmeric powder – a pinch
Few drops of oil to fry (optional)
Anything else you feel like munching on!

Pressure the sprouts for about 30 minutes
Drain the water and add salt, you may also give it a quick fry in a drop of oil to make it crisp
In a pan, add a drop of oil, red chillies or powder, turmeric powder and fry the puffed rice
If you want a completely oil free snack, you can quit the previous step and use plain puffed rice
In a bowl mixed the sprouts with cucumber, tomato and onion
Add the puffed rice just before serving.

You can top it with split gram (potukadalai) or fried moong dal or even aloo bhujia and enjoy!

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