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Lipsmacking lettuce!

I know what you are thinking! How can something as boring as lettuce be lipsmacking? trust me i have never had such fresh crunchy yummy lettuce (dripping is an awesome honeymustard/sweet onion sauce) in my life. The salad at the subway in nungambakkam is to die for, though am not a big fan of their ‘Indianised’ version of subs which is nothing like the actual ones. You find it funny to see words like ‘tikka’ in an American fast food.

They let you add any sub pattie to your salad which adds to the taste. Btw, the sweet onion sauce is fat-free which is so not believable cos it tastes really good. I have always wondered why health food never taste good and tasty food never seem healthy. Guess I found a solution, this place is hidden somewhere in wallace street (road parallel to Khader Nawaz Khan road) in Nungambakkam but its worth searching for and payin 145 bucks for a veggie salad if not everyday atleast once in a while. Of course, the ice tea at subway is the best u can get in India. It also gives a good mood uplift cos of its ambiance which seems fresh too. I would not recommend the subway counter at the citi centre food court, it definitely is not so impressive.

Ambiance – 4.5/5

Food – 5/5

Service – 4/5

Price – 300 bucks for a couple

Will i go back – Definitely wish i cud go everyday but beware they almost charge us in dollars!

2, Crystal Lawn,

Wallace Garden 2nd street,
Chennai – 600034
Phone : 42038800, 28111177

There is a fat-free Italian gelato counter inside … have a healthy and yummy feast all-together!

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0 thoughts on “Subway – Nungambakkam

  1. never wasa fan of sub’s! to much veggies for my liking!!!

    but yea once in a way…their turkey is good tho!! get tht with a egg init and itz yum!

    nd oh!! the prices!!! :O :O

  2. not a big fan of subway, maybe just once in a long time..it can be visited and that too when there is not much options around..otherwise i would skip this place.

    Indian subways are still better compared to the ones in Middle East though. Vegetarians hardly have much of options

  3. I’ve eaten sandwiches and gelato at Subway, Nungambakkam. Good stuff, especially when you’re on the go. I mean if you suddenly decide to go for a picnic, this is the place to pick up the eats from, though not their gelato! :-)The owner’s a cool dude too!

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