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Let’s Do the Favor Back to HSB!

Yes this buffet is a steal considering the prices HSB has been charging us thro these yrs, takin advantage of their legendary south indian food which we cant get enough of, irrespective of how much we are asked to pay! Its time for pay back! Eat as much as u want and pay only 225 here!

This buffet specialty restaurant of HSB has been around for a long long time and has been well-known for its buffet. I always thought its just another day-lite robbery by HSB by making a combo of north and south indian thali in their usual restaurants into a buffet here. But the standard of food is so good here that its so worth the money u pay and to my surprise, there were a lot more items that you think u can get in a thali.. tho the south indian stuff are the best as anyone with common sense wud opt to eat in a saravana bhavan.

The service is professional and the ambiance is awesome for a south-indian restaurant. Very neat fine-dining with a touch of class. You can also order Idli and Dosa other than the dishes displayed on the buffet. Considering the fact that a dosa in any saravana bhavan in chennai almost costs as much as it wud in the Saravana Bhavan in Atlanta (doing a dollar to rs convertion!),. this buffet is probably the most inexpensive thing ever offered by the group.

Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Price – 450 to 500 bucks per couple including taxes
Will i go back again – of course!

Swayam – Saravana Bhavan
133 & 134, Peters Road,
Gopalapuram, Chennai
Phone 28256952, 28226973

It is still totally affordable and the food is without any doubt, worth the price!

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0 thoughts on “Swayam – Saravana Bhavan – Royapettah

  1. Been here quite a number of times yrs bak.. it used to be some 175 bucks i think.. twas nice to c price has not gone overboard still

    havent been the regular restaurant in peters road.. is there one? only been to the fast food here..which is i wud say pretty exp..a mini-tiffen thali cost close to 50 bucks..

  2. I love to visit this branch of HSB. Their buffet is over priced but worth spending though. I visited this restaurant 2 years ago.. We used to have our team(read as free) lunch very often in this restaurant. I like to dine in their la carte restaurant as well which is in the first floor of the same building. I am gonna have my lunch here during my next visit to India…


    Saravana Bavan is a damn gud restaurant for people who really know hw worth the quality and hygenice for food. Ofcourse, middle class cant afford its costs but for this reason we can say its charging hefty. Its one of the ISO certified restaurants that maintains its standards from water, dining, labor and food. There are BIG TIME CRAP RESTAURANTS all around chennai with famous banners but with charges closely equal to Saravana Bavan but will never deliver u gud food or a food that tastes ever the same . But HSB is all gud in that. Watever u say , for veggies like me – we vote HSB .. LONG LIVE HSB ….

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