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A Good Evening Spent

After searching for NEW places in Bessie.. tasty jones which is a sub of Pupil (which is supposed to sell the best burgers in Chennai)..was found.. the seating outside is nice and the atmosphere is great.. the waiters are very friendly and that is the biggest plus of this place am sure.

The food is a bit expensive considering the portions served. We felt a bit greedy and ordered lots and felt like there is going to be lots to take back home… unfortunately the amount served wasnt enough to even fill us for dinner.. so had to order somemore actually… even the drinks had to be re-ordered twice or even thrice.. the lemon soda served was nuff for 3 sips each!

Coming to the food, it wasnt actually very impressive, but the ambiance and service makes up for everything i guess (and of course the evening breeze from the beach!). The menu is very extensive, has everything from american fast food to indian breads.,.but like any wise person wud, we ordered the burgers and lasagne here… the veg steak burger was nothin but paneer tikka inside the burger bun (wat a BIG disappointment for a place opened by PUPIL!) and the lasagne was ok, no complains, not that we expected anything authentic. The turn around time was fast, the starters were yummy, veg fritters, pepper cheese fries and cheese balls, cudnt have nuff of them, mayb cos they were served in very less quantities! i think they count the number of fries and balls they keep on the plate!

Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 4/5
Price – Around 500 bucks for fast-food dinner!
Will i go back again? – Yes definitely

Tasty jones
#1 & 2, TNHB Complex,
Elliots Beach 4th Main Road,
Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090
Phone 9841586500, 45587848

Overall, money not so worth the food, but an evening worth spent! Will definitely go here again, and if ur here make sure u order lots and have ur wallet full 🙂

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  1. There is inherent conflict between taste buds and nutrition. So small portions are good; ofcourse, assuming one can resist re-orders :-). Thanks to your blog, my list of "places to visit" is slowly growing. Will try this on my next trip.

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