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Yay! The  foodie heaven has arrived in Ashqwok Nagar, right next street to home! Sunday mornings will never be the same again!The view of 11th avenue from the restaurant is quite nice too!

Before i say anything else, the Rava Roast here changed my idea about Rava Dosa which i always hated. Crispy yummy divine! Any other Dosa should also do the trick, one of the yummiest I have had after the ones in ID. Well Idli Pongal Vada, you name it, its awesome for breakfast with a cup of hot south-indian filter coffee. They have Punjabi thali for lunch and for dinner you can order a la carte North Indian, the breads are awesome, the gravies are I wouldnt call authentic but good to taste.

The building is like a multi-floor food paradise. The first floor has sweets and snacks and the readymade powders grand sweets is famous for. must-try their mixture and potato chips, nothing compares to it. Never ever had another mixture that comes close to Grand Sweets yet. The vathakozhambu paste and tomato pickle are most wanted by NRI  bachelors and students all over the world! Sweets I would recommend the mini jangri, jelebi, kaju katli and the double-decker. They also serve some short eats in here if you do not have the time to go upstairs and have a meal in leisure. wesome samosas, quality speaks for itself in there. They also have some rolls cutlets, sambar vada and curd vada too.  There is also a fresh juice stall and chaat stall in this floor.  Bhel Puri and Sev Puri are a class of its own and a must-try. Fresh watermelon juice has never failed to make me happy!

Evenings you have a special counter in the ground floor, they make live appams and kuzhi paniarams (sweet and karam). They also make yummy Masala poli (almost close to the ones by Krishna Sweets) and very good sweet polis too. They have special adai avial and potato bajji for dinner. 

Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 5/5
Service – 4/5
Price – anywhere from 200 to 700 bucks depending on
bf /dinner/ snacks  
Will i go back again – all the time!

The Grand Sweets and Snacks
31, 11th Avenue Ashok Nagar, 
CHennai – 600083
Phone: 044 – 42175657

Now I have been here more than 5 times and still lots more to try out!

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