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small place, small menu, small review

The place is pretty small, mostly visited by executives for lunch i guess. Being in centre of Nungambakkam, it should do really good for business/team lunches. But the menu is pretty small and half of it is unavailable. Rice varieties are less, no wonder the place is named after noodles. The suggestions made by the waiters are welcome, but he almost forced me into something i din want, when i was quite confused which one to order. I wanted something like a chopsuey, fried noodles with gravy but i got something like a wet noodles, smelled of flour and garlic, heavy in my throat until the evening!

Ambiance is good fine dining. The food is ok, tho i didnt get to taste much. Price is a bit on the expensive side for the quality of food and speed of service.

Ambiance – 3.5/5

Food – 3/5

Service – 3.5/5

Price – maybe around 500 per couple wen u include desserts too

Will i ever go bak? – don think so, maybe i wanna try the one at Royapettah opp Satyam…

The Noodle House

G-7, Gee Gee Emerald,
No.151, Village Road,
Nungambakkam, Chenna-600034
4359 6043

i went dreaming of fried ice cream, but desserts were virtually unavailable!

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  1. Swarna..where is that daily event page you once told me..I am looking for naseeruddin shah’s play..ismat aapa ke naam, can u rell me the venue and whether I can get the tickets on the spot for balcony.

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