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The Forum Mall opens up in Chennai and the talk of town is the Pasta Bar Veneto outlet in here. It is a very pleasant place with a merry decor. I read about the lunch deal for Rs. 249 (soup + pasta / pizza + dessert) and it sounded pretty awesome to me and I had to check it out!

The deal is definitely a value for money considering the cost of each course but we were not allowed to order Lasagne or any Baked Pasta for main course which was a disappointment. The Pomodoro e Basilico (Tomato Soup with basil and cream) is a must-try.

The Pizza Diavolo was the best part of the meal, really yummy and filling one (something between a fast food and a restaurant-style pizza). The Pasta wasn’t quite as good, we ordered a Primavera al Panna which was very dry (couldn’t find any white sauce) and boring!

I usually love the starters and desserts at Pasta Bar, T Nagar. Was happy to find Berry Wine Mousse. Although its a bit too sweet for my palate, its a delight and a must-try here. The Tiramisu was very flavor but a bit hard to cut in. Overall, a fullfilling meal for a quick set lunch at a nominal price.

The service definitely needs to improve though or we were just unlucky and ended up with a not-so-trained waiter. He had no clue on anything. He had to refer someone for anything we asked him. Initially denied having any offer, then said only the lunch deal is available. He also brought us a wrong Pasta (we asked for a Fusili but got a Penne) and a Chocolate Shake in the name of Cold Coffee twice! I mean he could have got the hint the second time when I said I dont like chocolate!

Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 3.5 / 5
Service – 2/5
Price – around 600 for a couple

The Pasta Bar Veneto
Shop no. 113, 1st floor, 
183, Arcot Road, 
Vadapalani, Chennai – 6000026
Phone: 044 – 4205 5991

Will definitely go back again to try out more on the menu!

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