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After a number of years loving The Soup and Salad Cafe at Alwarpet and wanting badly to go to the Adyar outlet which i presumed is a the main branch and hence bigger and better, I was in fact very disappointed about the location (you need to go into many small lanes to find the place in a deserted area) and the cafe as such (very small and dingy). If thats not enough, there was almost nil service and the few waiters there didnt care much.

The menu seems to have totally changed, improved in number of dishes, they are offering a lot more  than soup and salad (which actually spoils the whole idea of the cafe) while the quality and uniqueness has been lost. I found my favourite Karmatein Zondich and the Karmura one hidden somewhere in the menu finally.

Coming to the food, the soups were stale! Literally! I mean it was a lil late somewhere around 10 PM at night but does it matter? The Carrot and Peas soup was inedible, the French Onion soup was okay but definitely not worth it. The Salads made up for it though. Both the salads were ordered were very yummy and had a typical peanuts or potato chips crunch to it.

Ambiance – 2/5
Service – 2/5
Food – 3/5
Price – Around 400 bucks for a couple
Will i go back again -I am definitely not going back here again. Maybe to the Alwarpet outlet.

The Soup and Salad Cafe
30, 1st cross street,
Kasturiba Nagar, 
Adyar Chennai – 600020 
Phone: 044 42114504

Maybe it was just their bad day for soups?

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