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A Big Salad Elaine (Seinfeld) wud b proud of 😀 i ve added everything from basic lettuce and cucumber to exotic fruits kiwi and mango (best thing about summer) other than which i remember adding cherry tomatoes, a lot of berries (strawberry, raspberry and blueberry combo), it has a hint of olive oil and crushed black pepper (vinegar if u like it) and grated cheese on top, oh and i forgot the french dressing, honey mustard and low-fat yoghurt mix-dip i had it with! Also, can add slightly boiled/baked brocolli-cauliflower-carrot combo if you like ( i do that when m terrbily bored with dry salad). i have even tried adding jelly on top (ruling out the cheese and pepper then). Never forget to top it with croutons or nacho chips (if u don care for the calories part). Otherwise, add peanuts if more veggies are added n walnuts if fruit based. Yes sometimes i even add salsa and boiled eggs n mayo, its a yummy combo. So basically, it has anything and everything you can ever add in a salad, but mine is so strangely hot n sweet always and more delicious than a dessert and i dont need to mention healthy! I think its a craft in itself, how you can design your big salad and bring out flavors you can never imagine while keeping it as low fat as possible, but trust me one wrong choice and u ve just wasted half the things in ur fridge! This one time i got it really (and i mean really) awesome and i had to click it. Yea, if u havent guessed already, am not giving you any recipe here, simply flaunting my yummy colorful Summer BIG SALAD 😀

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