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Heartbreaking food! Even frustrating Service! 

OMG! Unbelievable this place is! I mean after reading the reviews online i expected a truly international place with authentic food but duhhhh! I read a lot about the bad attitude of service here online but still I didnt expect the waiter to not even speak proper English enough to explain whats in a Sandwich to the customer!

The place is epitome of bad food and even worse service. There was a problem with every dish that was brought, right from the cold coffee which was ice cubes over hot coffee (yuk) and the stinky old oil tasting mozzarella sticks (yikessssss). Other than this any item you order is overdosed with Paneer! Yes the same OLD Panneerification of international dishes and calling it Mexican and American! Seriously, its overa decade since I came across such restaurants. Chennai is way ahead dude! We have really international tasting authentic restaurants in the city now we are over and done with the Paneer-Mexican since the Don Pepe days! I mean they have Burritos and Fajitas with just Paneer and there is not even another option to go for in the mexican menu. Even Nachos was overloads with Paneer, I couldnt swallow it, both the fact and the nachos! The Mexican Rice was yesterday’s Tomato Rice absolutely nothing Mexican about it!


The Sandwich was very simple You can make better ones at home, not even toasted or grilled. No wonder the waiter couldnt tell us whats inside it…brrr.. the lasagne was ok expect it din have any layers.. it was a mixed vegetable bake and they did not serve bread only to our table, no apologies even later! Watermelon salad was ok but I didnt like it much it was too lemony tangy for the tongue. Only thing we liked here is the chocotwister…maybe they should just stop with the bakery. 5 tiny macaroons costed 300 bucks!

I really wonder why this place is being reviewed as international and expat-friendly, no person who has ever had international food in their life would even agree this cafe serves anything close to it! The ambiance is cramped and irritating. The waiters seem to be really angry with the customers or are on a no-smile agreement with the management. HATE all around.

Ambiance – 3/5
Food – 1.5/5
Service – 0/5
Price – Around 1000 bucks for a couple
Will i go back again – You kiddin me!

Tryst Cafe 
Gatsby Village
4/359 East Coast Road 
Neelangarai, Chennai – 600041

Somebody please stop PANEER supply to this cafe pls!

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