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Here’s a weird one, but a favourite one of mine! This Verum Arisi Adai is my granny’s specialty that my mom followed and now i do. Some people laugh when i tell them i love this adai, they havent even heard of it mostly. I am guessing this is a Palakad specialty since many South Indians including Tamils and Mallus are not used to it, except for the border dwellers i guess! Whatever it is or wherever it is from, i just simply love it right from my childhood and just cant get over it… so here it is from my granny’s kitchen.. Verum Arisi Adai Recipe…

Verum Arisi Adai (Plain Rice Dosa Variety) Recipe

Par-boiled rice (Idli rice) – 2 cups
Grated coconut – 1 cup
Drumstick leaves (Murunga keerai) – a handful (optional)
Salt to taste
Oil – few tsps

Soak the par-boiled rice in water overnight or for a minimum of 4 to 5 hours.
Add salt and grind the rice into a paste, not very smooth, a bit coarse.
Add grated coconut into the batter and mix well.
Prepare a thick dosa (adai) with the batter on a tawa using a little oil.
You may sprinke some drumstick leaves the first time you turn the adai over.
Serve hot with spicy mango pickles!

You may add anything like onions, carrots, curry leaves or palak (spinach) to the adai depending on what you like. But i like it just plain!

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