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This ones a very yummy, filling quick snack as well as a dessert! I have used milkybar white chocolate cream for the base, you can substitute it with chocolate sauce/cream cheese or any flavor spreading you like, for a creamy juicy sandwich dessert that’s healthy too!

Very Berry Sandwich
Strawberries – 4 to 5 cut into halves
Blueberries – 5 to 6 whole fruits
Cream for base – 3 tbsp
Nuts – to sprinkle (optional)
Butter to saute (optional)

Toast the sandwich bread in 160 degrees preheated oven, for 3 to 4 minutes.
Spread the base ur using on one or both the inner walls of the sandwich.
Saute the nuts and berries in 1/2 tsp of butter.
Place the berries alternately, sprinkle the nuts.
If you are using flavored yoghurt, mix it with the cut berries and spread it all together.

Use brown wholemeal bread and low-fat yoghurt to make it more diet-friendly

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