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Wonder Where the Wonderland is

oh well, m not used to being in anna nagar much so wen i knew m goin there, i had to search all over burrp for a nice cafe to spend the evening in. And this place with a 4 star sounded pleasing enough and i called the place to make sure they are open until late. The person who picked then phone was more than inviting, sounded desperate! should ve known right then 🙂

After we reached shanthi colony, the creamy inn did seem more bright, attractive n crowded. But since we decided on an open-air cafe and were imagining to have a relaxed conversation, we went up to wonderland crossing a half-constructed shady building.

The place was long and huge with absolutely noone but the owner sitting in a corner and 3 waiters sitting at the counter watching something on the computer and having a laugh among themselves. They had a bored attitude seeing us. We sat in the outside area, where use-and-throw cups of water with cigarette buds in it appeared in the form of ash trays on tables. Looked sick enough to make us want to walk out immediately.

None of the cold beverages were available, seems the fridge wasn’t working. So we had to order plain water, which was cold i donno how. We decided to just make one order and rush outa this hellava place asap. So ordered a burger so that it ll be filling for two, now that we don have anything to drink other than water.

The waiter looked north-eastern and din understand a word of english and sure didnt understand tamil either. He gave a blank look for everything we asked and to make a conversation with him and make him bring a burger and some water was a pain in itself. There were two other local looking waiters who didnt bother to even walk out and ask us what we need, they were too busy watching something with mouth-wide-open in the comp on their counter.

And finally this guy ends up bringing us a spicy chilli wrap, while all the time we were waiting with a desire to munch on some yummy burger and when asked he said plainly that we ordered wrap only. He didnt make an attempt to apologize leave alone change the order for us. He very rudely dismissed our argument, twas like if u want eat this or get out attitude.

Worst to come, the wrap was made with red chilli powder overdose and mouth was burning for something sweet and cold to drink. What a way to torture ourselves going all the way to Anna Nagar. Thank you wonderland, for the wonderful experience.

Wonderland -The Coffee Experience
No.139, Shanthi Colony Main Road,
Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar,
Chennai – 600040
Phone 42170629, 9944008080

No wonder this place is empty at peak hours with a sleeping owner at the corner, time to close down folks!

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