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Cocktail paradise

Yes they are very particular about your dress code here.. u don have shoes u cant enter.. we had to leave our friend behind as he was asked to go home.. it is sometimes very rude… but once u enter.,. the atmosphere is not very cozy.. but someone u don feel ur private space here.. mayb the tables are too damn close to each other and the lightin is too dim if ur in a cheery mood.. so go if ur really lookin to just have a booze and eat some international dishes .. ofcourse a bit indianised.

But somehow the cocktails here are just awesome and makes you like the place that has stopped me from giving it an average.. since it has a class of its own… even the regular bloody mary and long island ice tea can keep your spirits high..tastes perfect and unlike many other pubs in the city there is a lot of vegetarian options in here.. mayb since it is a spanish tapas bar… one of the very places in the city with a class enough for woman to hang around…

Ambiance – 4/5

Food/drink – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Price – totally depends on your drinkin capacity.. a minimum of 1000 bucks for a couple

Will i go there again? – sure y not … there is no reason y i wudnt

74, Cathedral Road,
Gopalapuram, Chennai
Phone 28111462

So i guess the strict entrance rules are a positive in this regard.. keeps away the unwanted crowd….

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0 thoughts on “Zara – Gopalapuram

  1. I love Zara!! Actually Chennai offers all kinds of cuisines to its crowd! THe best of places to eat from expensive hotels to small reliable stalls serve yummy food! I cam across this links that lists a variety of eat outs.. Check it out HERE.Its very cool.. hope you like it too!

  2. Secret tip for Chennai Foodie readers: Zara (and many of the selective resto-bars) do have a supply of closed-toe shoes for men who have forgotten them. Be charming, be polite, ask to see the manager to see if there is anything they can do to help and often they magically appear with shoes to borrow. Not to be abused though guys! You know (now at least) that all high-end bars and restaurants in Chennai play the selective game and require shoes so come with them.

    If you are sporting shorts or a shirt without sleeves, you are 100% out of luck. I've never seen them make an exception, high roller, expat, or otherwise.

    Girls, it should be noted are OK to enter with open-toes.

    Common places you'll encounter this: Zara, 10 Downing St., Bikes and Barrel, and all the clubs of course.

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